Why Did We Have To Leave?

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I was born in a big home in Baghdad, Iraq, in which I grew for 15 years. Because situations got dangerous back in Baghdad, we had to travel away from home for the first time. Despite all the places I’ve been in my home was the only place I felt that safety and warmth feelings being in. Saying goodbye to everyone and everything I’m used to was so difficult for a 15 years old teenager. I got so mad and started complaining “Why! Why did we have to leave?” Complaining was the only word I knew as a teenager. Traveling to Erbil, north of Iraq, I remember how the first week went with heavy tears on my face. It was very hard for me to have new friends and new school without missing my old school and friends. Leaving home I also missed some of my …show more content…
Until I started high school where I learned the most important lesson in my life, it took only a few words from one of the best teachers I had in high school to change my whole life. It was one of the days when my history teacher told us that we have a surprising quiz and everyone started complaining. Softly my teacher said “quiet!” everyone was silent and started listening to him. “You guys complain a lot! You guys should stop complaining and start being thankful….. You know that every day I wake up in the morning, I thank god for the new day in life.” said my teacher. These powerful words from one of my role models in life got me thinking “when was the last time I thanked god for something, or have I ever thanked god …show more content…
In the next morning I woke up and said in myself “thank you god for the new day in life”. It started with these few words everyday and then I started reading the most remarkable and amazing book in the history” the Bible”. I became more faithful and I learned that everything I went through was for a reason. Maybe if my dad didn’t pass away we wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have learned to be thankful and faithful. Last but not least, listening to the stories of people from my own country made me realize that my story is nothing comparing to those people who had to go through a lot of pain in their life. Eventually, I learned to appreciate everything in life and pray to the people who are suffering now

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