Why Did The German People Join The Nazi Party

I have always wondered why the german people were so willing to join the Nazi party. They were killing off the Jewish population and taking over countries. Was this really that appealing to the german people? Then I learned a small part of the game the Nazi party was using in order to convince the german people. The german leaders used propaganda, terror, and the german people’s suffering to convince them to join the Nazi party.
In order for the german Nazi leaders to convince the german people that they were a worthy government; they used a lot of propaganda. A german man by the name of Joseph Goebbels headed the Nazi party 's propaganda apparatus. One of these was The Nazi Party Reich Press Office. This was used to instruct the press on what
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During Hitler 's early struggle for power he marched two thousand Nazi troops thought Munich to take over the meeting in Munich Beer Hall. This attempt was unproductive but the german people got a quick taste of the fear that would soon take place (Adolph 5-7). Propaganda was combined with the use of terror to manipulate and deceive the german people (Deceiving the Public 1-4). Joseph Goebbels stated a free-for-all against the Jews by writing works in newspapers. During this time almost one thousand synagogues were set on fire. More than seven thousand Jewish businesses were looted and around thirty thousand Jews were sent to concentration camps (Nazification 4-5). Hitler created the SA which were storm troopers trained to beat german citizens to convince them to join the Nazi party. Hitler used the death of a speechwriter for Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen as a way to bring fear into the german people (Persuasion of Hitler 1-3). This basically forced the german people to comply with the Nazi party because if they didn 't they would become a victim like the Jews. It got so bad that the german people lived their lives in fear. They had no choice but to follow Hitler so they could survive (Persuasion of Hitler 2-3). Hitler showed his ruthlessness in war. He waged war on multiple countries which also frightened man german …show more content…
Hitler Portrayed Germany as a victimized nation because of the Versailles Treaty. So when he decided that he wanted to take over Poland, he used media to disguise the fact that Nazi Germany had attacked first. This caused many Germans to join the Nazis to protect Germany from the attacking Polish (Deceiving the Public 1-4). The german people were desperate to get rid of the overwhelming depression from the cost of the Versailles Treaty. Millions were unemployed and thousands of small businesses had failed. Many people feared becoming homeless and starving. Berlin had become chaos. People were fighting in the streets and killing each other. Hitler seized this opportunity to gain a lot of followers (Rise of Hitler 1-3). Hitler used the Jews wealth as a way to anger the other german people. “Hitler disliked anyone who had power” (Persuasion of Hitler 2-3) and the Jews had power according to him because of their wealth. He turned the german population against one another by stating this even though the Jews only made up 2% of the german population. Hitler even convinced soldiers returning from the first world war, that the reason why Germany lost was because the Jews had stabbed them in the back. This was a very good way to get followers. The soldiers had risked their lives for their country, but the politicians, many of which were jewish, had stabbed

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