Why Did The Americans Win The Revolutionary War

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The Continental victory at Saratoga in 1777 and the Treaty with the French in 1778 transformed the war, especially for the British. Most of the fighting took place in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey; however, the location began to shift. The war continued in the Sea, the South, and Yorktown. Each side felt that they had their advantages, for example, Britain has the loyalists in the South, while Americans had their foreign assistance. Also, Patriot troops had master plans with George Washington as their leader, so the change of location was beneficial for them. During the late 1770's the Patriots gained the most from the sudden adjustment to location, because they took advance of every opportunity they received, resulting in positive effects. …show more content…
The Patriots had so much determination that they would not surrender until their enemy did, even though they were close to failing. This saved the Americans numerous times, because it caused Britain to capitulate first, resulting in more Patriot victory. The British felt that the loyalists were strongest in the South, which caused them to move. They had some military success here, and occupied Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. Under the leadership of General Cornwallis, the British controlled most of the South. Another Patriot victory occurred at Yorktown in 1781. With the British fleet in Yorktown, Washington decided to trap Cornwallis and his troops and plan an attack. George Washington had thousands of French reinforcements, and the Americans could easily gain their victory. Cornwallis surrendered 8000 men on October 17, 1781. The shift in location during The Revolutionary War was extremely beneficial for the Patriots. They had proved that they were not an easy enemy and their determination and skillful tactics proved the British wrong. They simply took advantage of the numerous opportunities and they gained a lot from the different war

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