Why Did Kennedy Win The Election? Essay

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Why did Kennedy win the Election? Why did Nixon lose the election?

The year 1960 has been full of uncertainties. Domestically, behind the economic prosperity there came the explosively populous new generation who must be financially equipped; Civil rights movement was heating up under the leadership of Martin Luther King. In the international arena, the predominant image of the country was shaken by recent unpleasant diplomacy –especially the failed summit with Krushchev. However, in 1960, one thing is certain---America needed change. Eisenhower reached the presidential term limit and thus the quadrennial election was to be held with two new candidates. Our candidate, vice president Nixon, played an important role in this election, but he was defeated by the young Catholic Democrat, Senator John Kennedy, by a minimal margin in popular votes (49.6% vs. 49.7%, 270). Analyzing our candidate’s failure not only provides an explanation for him but also a reference for his future political career. Nixon’s failure, despite the candidate’s experience and the financially well supported campaign, can be ascribed to his impractical electoral college strategy, poor cooperation with his campaign team, unfavorable context, and two October Surprises.

Electoral College( plan step by step to reach the White House.

TV Debate(October Surprise)

Nixon’s underestimation of TV was disastrous. It not only caused Nixon overlooking the original TV program plan, but caused him to do badly at the…

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