Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

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Imagine one day, you wake up and your family is gone. Then you knew you were about to die. This is what the Jews faced during the Holocaust. Six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and World War II (“Why did Hitler hate Jews?” by Anne Frank). Half of the Jewish population was wiped out. Jews were hated because of malicious lies made up by Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis had convinced Germans that Jews had been responsible for certain events like losing World War I and the economic crisis. They convinced them to fix these problems the Jews needed to be wiped out (“Why did Hitler hate the Jews?”). In the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, Wiesel talks about his horrible experience during the Holocaust when he was 15 years old. …show more content…
Hitler had used the Jews as “scapegoats” to have someone to blame for the things that did not work out such as economic crisis and World War I (“Why did Hitler hate Jews?”, 1). Many religious freedoms and rights were taken away from the Jews such as,being banned to own any gold or silver which was stated by Wiesel, “...Jews were thoroughly searched to make sure they were not carrying away gold, silver, or any other valuables” (Wiesel, Night, 18). If you had a certain religion it was not as worthy as another religion. Also Germans would take out any gold teeth they would find on the Jews because they were not worthy enough (Wiesel, Night, 48-49). Plus, they had burned down all the synagogues so the Jews could not attend church. The biggest impact on the Jewish population, was the loss of life. Six million Jews had been murdered, Jews that were weak or useless were sent to the crematoria to be burned like Wiesel states in chapter 3, “... ‘Farmer,’ I heard myself saying… The baton pointed to the left… Another inmate came over to us: ‘Satisfied?’ ‘Yes,’ someone answered. ‘Poor devils you are heading for the crematorium.’ He seemed to be telling the truth” (Wiesel, Night, 32). This shows how the Germans did not care about Jews but only wanted to keep the healthy and strong Jews that were actually useful for work such as labor work, crematoriums, factories, farms, and coal mines. Many lives were also lost because of the long trips to the concentration camps. Most prisoners became sick because of harsh weather and

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