Why Did Cortes Win The Aztec War

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The Aztecs and the Spanish, they came in contact with each other and started a war. A war that was never forgotten, the fall and defeat of the Aztec empire. It was unavoidable, this is because Cortes and his men had the determination, also the Spanish were more powerful than the Aztecs in combat. Another reason is if Cortes and his men didn’t defeat the Aztecs, the King’s army searching for him would come in contact with them and kill them off if they didn’t convert to Catholic. Also when Cortes attacked, the Aztecs were caught with smallpox and they didn’t have the antidote and weren’t used to it the disease. Smallpox would’ve killed off most of the Aztecs anyway and Cortes would see this weakness and he would take the chance to destroy them very easily.

Cortes was looking for gold and glory, he knew there was people in Mexico so, he took advantage of that and used them to get his wealth and gold. He also used the King’s ships to get to Mexico and take over them. Cortes went through a lot of trouble to get to Mexico, he wasn’t going to stop because of the Aztecs. Also in combat him and his men were more powerful than the Aztecs were. When he went to Tenochtitlan he was welcomed into a palace and was rewarded with gold. He first thought they were just making him comfortable and then they were going to
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Cortes and his men had more determination and were a lot more stronger in battle than the Aztecs were. The Army the King sent out was three times as big as Cortes’ men and they had warships, so it wasn’t going to be much of a fight. The diseases had killed off many of the Aztecs in a few weeks and was definitely going to finish them off when a few survivors were left if Cortes couldn’t defeat them. All the facts stayed true and the reasoning expanded, because of these reasons the battle was never going to end well for the

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