Why Crime Is Controlled And Covered Up And The First 48 An A & E Series

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When I watch television shows and movies and begin to analyze them I begin to notice that crime is glamorized while at the same token many societal issues are highlighted. I also begin to realize that crime control is viewed as being easily controlled and justice is always served. The shows I decided to analyze are Scandal an ABC series and The First 48 an A&E series. I decided I would analyze Scandal because it gives an overview of how politics play a role in how crime is controlled and covered up by those in higher positions. On the other hand I decided to analyze The First 48 because it gives an insight to how crimes are solved and how detectives spend their time trying to solve cases. The First 48 although giving a good overview of the steps needed to be followed to solve cases leaves viewers with the idea that majority of crimes are solved in 48 hours and justice is always served.

Within my experience in the criminal justice field I’ve seen politics play a huge role in how crime is controlled. In my experience of working with the siblings of adjudicated youth I’ve met many politicians that speak about what their plans are for the future of crime control. Many of them focus on the crimes that are in the news every day to be voted in by the majority. In Massachusetts possession of marijuana was a criminal offense for many years and caused many political debates. There were those that believed that possession of marijuana was a criminal offense while other viewed it as…

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