Why Comfort Food Comforts Analysis

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A study surveying 2,252 Americans found that the majority of people in the US go to pizza as their favorite comfort food (Whitten), but the information makes the reader wonder why people eat comfort food to feel better in the first place. In the article “Why Comfort Food Comforts” written by Cari Romm, the author is focused on studies to show why people eat comfort food. She also focuses on how people’s attachment style and childhood affects if a person would eat comfort food when stressed. Although “Why Comfort Food Comforts” is a good article for people who have more secure attachment styles, the article tends to leave out the percentage of people who have insecure attachment styles and does not fully inform the reader on what in a more biological sense makes so many people go for that slice of pizza when they are feeling down.
“Why Comfort Food Comforts” was published by The Atlantic and written by Cari Romm. At the time the article was published, Romm was an editorial fellow for The Atlantic. In the article, Romm mainly references research done by Jordan D. Troisi and Shira Gabriel explored the effects of comfort food on a
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She brought up the point multiple times and quoted a study published in a journal titled Appetite,“securely attached individuals consumed more comfort food in response to naturally occurring feelings of isolation,” (Troisi). In the article, another interesting point is when Romm quotes Shira Gabriel saying,“[comfort food] could be swapped out for anything else that brings the same soothing sense of familiarity,” meaning a person can swap food for a toy that the person could have had since they were a child or a gift from someone close to them. Any item can be “comfort food” even if the item is not edible as long as it comes from a time that the person felt like they were being cared

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