Essay on Why College Is Important to Me

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Why College Is Important To Me

There are so many reasons why college is important to me. However, the two most important reasons why college is important to me is that I want to be a role model for my two daughters. Secondly, furthering my education can mean a many great opportunities for advancing in my career and in life. Leading or setting the example for my daughters is very important to me. By actively portraying to my daughters the importance of having a college education after high school, they will engage into participating in a plethora of new opportunities in their own lives which will enhance their way of living. They see how hard I study and how important my grades are to me that it encourages them to do the same in
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Prospective students having to take the Wonderlic assessment will no longer receive funding for their education. The repercussion from that is less student enrollments because of a lack of their education. With many defaults in student loans, the government changes the qualifications to getting a student loan, making it hard for us who need the assistance to go to school. I understand the changes in the funding processes for students who default on their student loans, but punishing all for the actions of others is not fair. People that are serious about pursing their college education miss out on the college opportunity due to lack of funding and not being able to afford it in a traditional college setting. In conclusion, although there are pitfalls to pursuing a college education, the advantages out way the disadvantages. One being like the program I am enrolled in now with Ashworth College. I can go to college online, at my own pace, and make easy payments that I can afford. By doing this, I can still work full time and provide for my family. If pursuing a college education means my daughters’ following in my footsteps and enhancing our way of life, then I truly have no regrets for my actions. One can always find a disadvantage in anything. However, believing in my dreams, obtaining my goals, and having the motivation to follow them will only make me a success in life. The

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