Why Choose Parallels Desktop 12 Over Vmware Fusion Case Study

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5 Reasons to Choose Parallels Desktop 12 over VMware Fusion 8.5

Even though the Macintosh computer has come a long way, there are times you still need Windows. For those that love to use the Mac but with Windows compatibility, times have not always been as good as they are now. That is because there is plenty more competition out there – number of software options will help you run Windows on your Mac.

One of the most popular solutions is the Parallels Desktop. The software has been around for quite some time. What is the secret to its longevity? The question is especially important to ask as rival software like the VMware Fusion 8.5 is much cheaper to buy. Why pick Parallels Desktop 12 over VMware Fusion 8.5? Here are the five compelling reasons to do it.

Reason #1: The integration is comprehensive

The big selling point of Parallels Desktop 12 is the integration and how comprehensive it can be. While it’s possible to use Microsoft Cortana – and Siri – on the Mac with both software options, the Parallels system goes much deeper. You can also integrate your Mac with iCloud, Dopbox and Google Drive. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are running, you are still going to have full access to these files without rearranging permissions or folders. Having to swap between operating systems has never been easier.

Reason #2: The
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In a way, you might not prefer this and would rather opt for something straightforward like the VMware Fusion 8.5. However, once you test out the extra functions, you never want to go back to not using them. For example, the Parallels toolbox allows you to take photos with a single click of the mouse and you can even stop your Mac from falling asleep with a push of a button. Not to mention the 500GB of free online storage you get each year with Parallels. The extras with the software are actually fun and useful and you will find yourself using

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