Why China Make Coalition And Alliance In Asa Case Study

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Why China can make coalition and alliance within Asia?
China has been regarded as the most prominent rising power in the world during the last decades for its significant economic growth and more active role in the regional or multinational organisations. Further, the important statues of China has even warned the U.S. that this growing power with ambition may change the world order in the future and challenge its hegemonic place (Hurrell, 2014). The U.S. assertion may seems pragmatic as some scholars has viewed China as another revisionist state and may pose the threat to the current stable world order. But, Chinese foreign policy has showed a large difference from previous Communist state the Soviet Union because China presents no intention
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Differ with alliances, coalition requires the cooperation between states in the economic activity and foster with the international economic organisation including the WFO for the mutual material gains (Narlikar, 2012). Chinese foreign policy has seen many example of coalitions with its member states and this even includes China as the aid donors for the global South to increase its national influence among many south Asian states. So why China is willing to make coalition and share its economic gains with its weaker member states when is has become the most leading economic state? In the region of East Asia or South-east Asia, China has make stable alliance and closely coalition with South Korea or member states with ASEAN and this relationship shows coalitions and alliances both can be considered as the source of …show more content…
So how to explain Korea’s friendly reaction towards China and why South Korea has adopted this foreign policy towards most powerful Asian state China? There are three reasons to explain this close China-Korea relationship. Firstly, Korea is aiming for the economic advantage from China since this rising power has an average 9% of economic growth and is the most important figure in the foreign trade due to numerous Chinese exports. The coalition between China and Korea will mutually increase the material gains for two countries and lead to the economic interdependence. Secondly, it is important to notice that South Korea actually regarded China as the key role to stabilise the Asia and this can be explained from historical background when China used to be the great power among the Asian states back to the Ancient times(ibid). From this aspect, we can demonstrate the point that part of reason for China-Korea alliances and coalitions is Korean importantly concerns for the security and believes that China could help for protecting overall security in the region of Asia when facing outside threat. The most

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