Why China Can Make Coalition And Alliance Within Asia? Essay

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Why China can make coalition and alliance within Asia?
China has been regarded as the most prominent rising power in the world during the last decades for its significant economic growth and more active role in the regional or multinational organisations. Further, the important statues of China has even warned the U.S. that this growing power with ambition may change the world order in the future and challenge its hegemonic place (Hurrell, 2014). The U.S. assertion may seems pragmatic as some scholars has viewed China as another revisionist state and may pose the threat to the current stable world order. But, Chinese foreign policy has showed a large difference from previous Communist state the Soviet Union because China presents no intention of war and insists on the peaceful global environment (Kang, 2012). To understand alliance and coalition of China, we need to analyse Chinese foreign policy both economically and politically. Both will help to examine that China, the central role in the current international politics, has primarily contributed to stabilise the region of the East and share the peace with other member states including South Korea and some major Southeast Asian states from the action of alliances and coalition.
In the aspect of economics, the trend of globalisation has witnessed international cooperation and communication across the border and the relationship between China and other major states has been closer and closer in the form of coalition.…

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