Why Can 't We Be Friends Now? Essay

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"Why can 't we be friends now?", Fielding asked of Aziz. The friendship between Dr. Aziz and Cyril Fielding was almost destined to implode. In E.M. Forster 's A Passage to India, the relationship between the British and Indians is explored, as well as British interaction within a foreign land. As the British imposed imperialist policies on India, the dynamic of the racial and social tension between the two groups heightened, as expressed in the novel. It is essential to note this perspective comes from a white English man, and the evaluation of British colonialism is offered through a narrow lens, and may not articulate the actuality of the situation. Regardless, A Passage to India reflects upon the entanglement between British and Indian cultures, and offers the perspective that the British are unable to co-exist with the native populations without exploiting them. This idea is demonstrated through an exploration of the fundamental differences between cultures, character and their experiences and viewpoints.

From the onset of the novel, readers gain a sense of the separation of the British from the Indians. Despite being in a foreign, new land entirely different from that of England, the British seem to have no desire to explore the land, and experience India as it truly is. Instead, they bring England to India, and continue to exist as they always have. The British seem to believe India is a wild beast, merely suffering from a lack of western culture and civilization, and…

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