Essay on Why Athletes Should Be Legal

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60% of relationships involve domestic violence. 70% of domestic violence cases goes unreported. Of course, athletes are also in the fault for crimes like this. In 2000-2013, there were 84 arrests for domestic violence that involved a professional athlete. Of course, no sports leagues want to be judged as being soft on domestic violence cases so, they all had tried to make their own rules for it (Allen). The problem with that is that some people think that only the court system should be able to punish the athletes. The sports leagues should be able to punish their athletes how they see fair, along with the court system. Athletes are not above the law and should be punished just like everyone else. After all, they do have little kids and other people who look up to them and want to be like them, which is why they should be punished just as hard if not harder.
In 2006, violence against women became a talk of the nation. That is the year that 3 teenage girls ambushed a 12-year-old girl outside of their school (Burns 14). They videoed it and put it on YouTube (Burns 14). That video was soon shown around the world. It made people realize that violence is a serious issue and that something needs to be done to stop it. Some abusers do not feel like they have enough control in their life so they abuse their partners or other people to feel in control (Burns 17). There are many types of abuse like physical, mental and emotional. “Physical abuse includes slapping, hitting, kicking,…

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