Rape In Sports

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A student came forward and said she was sexually assaulted by four University of Minnesota football players. It was investigated but there were no charges pressed and the players were allowed to continue playing. The four accused and other players have missed one game already and may miss more, just home games though. There is a restraining order on the players saying they cannot be near the student 's apartment or her place of employment. She works at the football stadium where the university hosts their home games. The next hearing for the student and the players will be on November 3rd. The student asked for the orders because she said she did not feel safe in her apartment and some of the men were even harassing her after she came forward. The men all served a three game suspension while they were being investigated. A spokesman for the school could neither confirm or deny that the school was conducting their own investigation, while keeping title IX in mind. Each player will have their own individual hearing. Their coach declined to say anything about the situation but has them on the roster to play Saturday. The player 's’ lawyer says they have evidence that will contradict the student 's story. This is not the first case of sexual assault from a student involved in athletics from the …show more content…
If the accused still have court hearings to attend why are they allowed to be out with society and why are they still allowed to play football? Sexual assault at schools now is a growing problem and the just punishments are not being enforced. Until the accused men at this school are proven to be innocent they should not be involved in extracurricular activities. Since they still have personal court dates to attend so they need to be on probation until everything is cleared up with their

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