Essay Why Are Wearing A Seatbelt?

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HAHAHA! Omg literally dying! But unlike me people are really dying. Two kids lives were changed drastically on November 10th 2012, and what they could of done to keep pain of two families away was just a click of a button. “Jesus Mondragon, 34,” ran a stop sign at an intersection and hit a car that “Hannah Worley,” 20, was driving. Not Hannah nor any of her four passengers were wearing seatbelts. Sergeant John Lewis of Highway Patrol said that “speed was not a factor” and there were two children in the back of the car that ran the stop sign were not wearing seatbelts, and they were immediately ejected and died as the result of the collision. The two children that were killed were an eleven year old Samantha Mondragon and two year old Ashley Mondragon. This shows the importance of wearing a seatbelt but sadly 2 young lives were cut short just to show that importance. People need to take seatbelts seriously or else there will be detrimental consequences. People aren 't taking wearing seatbelts at all times in a moving vehicle seriously. The laws aren 't all the same in all states and they aren 't enforcing it as much as they should. The seatbelt laws should be enforced correctly and show people the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt. Teens, and actually a scary amount of the US population, think that seatbelts aren 't a big deal. But they 're wrong --- dead wrong.
Car crashes are the leading source of death in the first thirty years of American’s life. Car crashes killed…

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