Essay on Whole Wheat Bread

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Whole Wheat Bread: A Whole lot of Lies
As young impressionable children, parents and doctors always try to do what is best for us, including and possibly most importantly, the food we eat; what is healthier, what has less sugar, what has more nutritional value, etcetera…Even as adults, people tend to look for the product that has health benefits, such as the popular wheat bread. Wheat bread has always be thought to be the better choice over white bread, considering it has whole grains, fiber, oats, and is more natural. But is that necessarily the case? When looking deeper into the components of most wheat bread, ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, processed salts, chemicals, preservatives, and so-called enriched white flour can be
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So what is so healthy about that? Even though some brands keep an “all-natural” slogan on their bread and may use whole-wheat grain, the way it is processed is definitely not all-natural. First, mechanical cleaners are used to the wheat kernels in order to remove any dust, dirt, straw, pebbles, and weeds; then it is placed in a water bath. The water bath will remove any remaining particles and causes the bran coat to toughen; this is known as tempering. Next, it is put through some sort of grinder to flatten the wheat flour and removes the germ by air pressure; after the flour is grinded to the finest particle, the “enriching” process begins. The flour is bleached and filled with synthetic supplements to ensure that is can be classified as wheat flour. And to think it is not even finished; the flour is then packed with preservatives to guarantee the bread will still be fresh when it arrives to the grocery store. How about that for “all-natural”? Wheat bread is supposed to minimize spikes in blood glucose levels, reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and believe it or not, gum disease. But when the germ, bran, and nutrients are stripped, it does the opposite; why is this acceptable?

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