War Of 1812 And Westward Expansion

Did you know who won the American Revolution? The United States were victors of this revolution and received the best reward that they could have asked for. That reward was independence, independence from British rule to be exact. This American victory was the event that got the ball rolling for the many improvements that will happen to America over the course of 62 years. These improvements began in 1787 and went on until 1849. These improvements are the foundation to America and are important in understanding how America began building a nation. The United States began to grow into a strong nation from 1787 to 1849 due to economic improvements, the War of 1812 and Westward Expansion.

To begin, the United States began to grow due to economic
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The War of 1812 caused America to gain respect from global powers. They gained respect from global powers because America showed their dominance towards the other nations. The War of 1812 also showed a display of national pride and patriotism. In the battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key created a poem that explained how even after the glow of the sun rise and firing of the bombs the American flag was still waving proudly called the “Star Bangled Banner”. This poem was so moving among the nation that it became the national anthem and is to this day. The Battle of New Orleans was another battle that boosted American morale. It boosted morale because it was an American victory and this showed the British that the Americans weren’t a force they would want to reckon with. Lastly, The War of 1812 caused U.S manufacturing to increase. The U.S manufacturing increased because America cut off getting goods from Britain because they would be more costly, so they made their own, cutting the cost and promoting patriotism through manufacturing. The War of 1812 showed the world they were a super power and nation ready become stronger and …show more content…
The Louisiana Purchase was the start of westward expansion in America. President Thomas Jefferson purchased this plot of land from Napoleon Bonaparte in order to expand America and get to use the ports in New Orleans to create another opening for trading. The land that was specifically the Louisiana Purchase was land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. Thomas Jefferson wanted to have land explored to see what inhabited the land as well as see what could give the United States more money. Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis and Clark as well as the Corps of Discovery to go and explore the land. They did and found many different crops, animals, plants, waterways and Native American tribes. After the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase many people began to go out to these areas to reap the benefits of the land. The Mexican-American War was a two year war that was fought between the Mexican and American armies over the territory in the southwest United States. Both sides fought to get the Southwestern land, but in the end America got the land and Texas as well through the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1848. The Gold Rush was the mass migration in the search for gold. People would migrate to California in order to see if they could get their hands on some gold. The Gold Rush caused American Expansion because it caused the

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