Who Will Greet You At Home Essay

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“Mommy, how are babies made?” Every person has a different response when a little kid asks where babies come from. The stork is the most common story, and some parents even say they bought the kit at Walmart and assembled it. Some cultures believe the baby was found in a cabbage patch or that the stars are just babies looking down, waiting to find their place on earth. In various cases, the parents will simply explain how the baby started growing inside mommy and that you have to wait nine months to see it like everyone else. But how do you explain to a kid that their appearance and abilities are based on what type of material they were made of? How do you tell them that once they were mud or silk or yarn and now they are a living person? Lesley Nneka Arimah’s short story, “Who Will Greet You at Home” addresses this strange topic of how babies are made in a manner that defies the norm. In Arimah’s story, babies are made from different types of material such as mud or porcelain, then brought to life. The baby must be taken care of for a full year before it becomes a human baby, and its attributes as a human are based on what substance it was made of when it was young. The main character, Ogechi, desires a beautiful baby, one that she will love with all her heart, but when things go wrong, Ogechi settles for a more practical baby for her lifestyle. At first, it seems that Arimah prioritizes the practical over the ideal baby, but when taking a closer look, readers can see that…

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