Who Was Most To Blame For The Death Of Eva Smith? Essay

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Who Was Most to Blame For the Death of Eva Smith?

An Inspector Calls is a three-act drama, which takes place on a single night in 1912, and focuses on the Birling family, who live in a wealthy but not particulary homely house in Brumley. The story begins when the mysterious Inspector Goole calls unexpectedly on the prosperous Birling family. The idea of the play, and particularly the role of the inspector, is to try to bring the Birling family to understand that they have a moral responsibility for the death of Eva Smith, if not a legal one. In Act Three, the Inspector tells the Birling family: “The girl killed herself and died a horrible death. But each of you helped to kill her. Remember that. Never forget it.” But who was really the
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After he rescued her he says that they went for a drink and she told him about her previous employment and her life so far. And she accidentally let it slip how badly she was living so he took pity on her so he arranged for her to have some food a few nights later and set her up in his friend’s house that he was looking after, while he was away. This is where they began their affair. However when it came to the end of the summer, Gerald broke it off before a business trip and by that time Eva/Daisy knew it was coming to and end. Gerald says that she told him: “… she’d been happier than she’d ever been before -but she knew it couldn’t last – hadn’t expected it to last.” And that: “ She didn’t blame me at all.” They agreed that she move out of the rooms she was staying in as she had lived ‘economically’ on what Gerald had given her over the summer and had some of it saved up. He also gave her a parting gift of enough money to last her until the end of the year. Even though having someone to look after her and care for her, and having the feeling that she was loved, was probably good for her at the time, in the long run it probably did more harm than good because she had the person she loved torn away from her. And even though she was expecting the affair to come to an end, she probably took yet another blow to her self-esteem and felt even more unwanted than to

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