Essay on Who Should Come First?

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Who should come first? Should company put costumers ahead of investors or put investors over costumers? Stereotypically, most people will think that a great businessman is the one who uses various strategies to grab consumer attention in order to gain the most profit for their companies. Yet, there are also businessmen like John Mackey, who believe that a great businessman is to put the costumers first over profit. However, businessmen John Rodgers disagree and argue that companies should come first in order to satisfy customer needs. Both successful businessmen decides to start a pen war, and they have show their strength and weakness in the use of statistic, writing techniques and their personal experience while emphasizing their point of view.
(Paragraph 1)To begin with, John Rodgers has effectively strike back John Mackey by providing significant amount of data in order to persuade readers. John Rodgers believes that investors should be considered ahead of customers. He is opposed to Mackey being “A free market libertarian” by using many examples, data, and statistics to break down Mackey’s evidence step by step. He attacks Mackey that he does not provide enough support for being free market capitalism. He gives examples to show that Mackey uses altruism philosophy who claims that he is a free market libertarian. Rodgers claims himself as a free market capitalist. He uses the success of his company Cypress Semiconductor as example to reveal that he has great team…

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