Who Moved My Cheese? Essay

1015 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
In the work environment, organizational change can affect employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall success of the company. Organizations can change in structure, work process, and culture. Since change is inevitable in any situation, it is important to deal with change effectively and adapt to achieve positive results. For some employees, change in the workplace may cause them stress and lead them to become resistant to change. Leaders of an organization can help employees adapt to new situations by fully communicating changes made, respecting their thoughts and feelings, and providing an adequate amount of time for them to adjust to changes made. The novel, Who Moved My Cheese?, is about 4 characters who live in a maze and look for cheese. The cheese represents people’s wants in life such as happiness and success. The maze symbolizes our physical environment, such as the organization you work in. In the story, these four characters are forced to deal with some unexpected change when the cheese is missing. Although each character deals with change differently, each of them find their way through the maze and succeed in the end.
Hem is a small man who is very structured and extremely organized. He ignores the change because he refuses to step outside of his comfort zone. While Hem is great at planning, controlling, and organizing, his inability to adapt to change leads him to getting left behind. Haw is another small man who is empathetic to others and…

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