Who Killed Jay Gatsby Essay example

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The True Killer of Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby lies dead, sprawled across the floatie in his pool. But whose fault is it when the question question of responsibility comes up? At the end of the story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby, formerly known as James Gatz, is murdered. George Wilson is the gunman who took Gatsby's and his own life at the end of the story. However, is Wilson really to blame for Gatsby's death? With many people in the story who affect his life and his decisions, there is greater texture to the original question then noticed at first. There are many elements that contribute to the murder of Gatsby. It is clear that someone other than Mr. Wilson bears greater responsibility for this crime. Daisy Buchanan,
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She leads Gatsby on by telling him she is going to leave her husband and run away with him when in fact, she is really not sure. This becomes obvious when their whole group is in the city, “She realized at last what she was doing and as though she had, all along, intended doing anything at all” (Fitzgerald,132). Daisy really wanted money throughout the entire book. She knows that she would do anything to get the riches she desires. Even though she claims to love Gatsby, she would not leave Tom because he has "old money" inherited from his family. She has tried obtain her wealth with any means possible so she can keep a comfortable life. With her love for both Tom and Gatsby, she is left with a dilemma that keeps putting pressure on her. Another point in which Daisy show her to be partially responsible for Gatsby’s death was when she hit Myrtle with Gatsby's yellow car.After hitting Myrtle, a conscientious citizen would have stopped and offered her aid. Instead, Daisy panicked and left her to die. Even Gatsby was surprised. He said “ Daisy stepped on it. I tried to make her stop, but she couldn't so I pulled my emergency brake”(Fitzgerald, 144). Once they both got home from the accident Daisy should have taken the blame for what she did. Instead she makes Gatsby take responsibility for her actions and in turn die for her. This is a contemptible act that she is afraid of taking responsibility for. She felt so

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