Who Is The Right? Essays

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It’s true that fate works in ways that humanity can’t comprehend. Whether it’s by the actions of God, or if it’s simply meant to be. The numerous roads that life can hold for us, only for only one true road containing what we will be able to accomplish in our lives. However, we have the right as human beings to make critical decisions regarding our future, and what we choose to pursue. These choices can make or break a situation, because who knows what outcomes can be created out of the decisions that we make. This is determined by our usage of free will, majority of the time correlating with fate itself. Depending on our decisions can await a new destiny that we can live towards. And it was because of these causes that led to a young comic book hero named Billy to rise out of isolation, by saying one word aloud, attaining the power of a God, vowing to always protect the world from despair.
Psychologically devoured by depression and moving from one adopted home to another, fifteen year old Billy Betson is the ultimate problem child nobody wants to deal with. Constantly moving from one adopted home to the other, Billy won’t give up in search of his true parents. However, because he has developed this pessimistic nature towards other families, he has surrounded himself in isolation and pessimism. He violently expresses his anger towards his newly adopted family and siblings as he lashes out at them aggressively claiming, “I’m not your brother. We’re not family. None of you…

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