Essay on Who Is The Philosopher?

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Priest — Physicist — Philosopher A priest, a physicist, and a philosopher go into a bar … ostensibly, to consider principles of religion and science. One is an idealist. One is a materialist. One is a pragmatist. One is a religious scientist; but which one is which?
— The physicist wonders how the universe works, but never asks why, because, to ask why is to become a metaphysician.
— The philosopher thinks he knows why, but never asks how it works, for to ask how requires one to become a mathematician.
— The priest may know who, when, what, where and why, but not how to make life work out the way one wishes, for that is the supposed secret of magicians.
— The idealist perceives volition and consciousness in the organizing Intelligence that is evident in the physical universe. Idealists do not necessarily believe in superstitions, divine intervention, or the mental manipulation, abrogation or nullification of Law through prayer; however much they may hope for such possibilities.
— The materialist may see an intelligent, organizing, universal power, but not a directing Intelligence. Materialists do not perceive a divine purpose at work in life, and generally do not endorse religion, except, perhaps, various forms of material-ism: humanism, environmentalism, secularism, social/political activism, etc.
— The pragmatist takes a practical, and somewhat experiential, approach to the study of reality, discovering how to apply a principle, but not necessarily why.…

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