Who Is The New Skinny? Essay

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In today 's society young people, especially women, are given certain standards and expectations to meet in order to be considered beautiful and worthy not only by others, but also themselves. I had created such a degrading imagine for myself showing that I could only fall under these labels if my collarbones were protruding from my chest, I wore a smaller jean size, I had no excess body fat, and so many other unrealistic features. Luckily, there are people who have the courage to ignore the standards of society and create a different, positive set of expectations and images for themselves. Because of these individuals, fit has or is becoming the new skinny. One of them, who is a very important woman I look up to, has brought me into a life of fitness where I 'm able to feel confident with myself while achieving the body I want in a healthy manner.

Starting at the age of approximately twelve, I was a professional when it came to body shaming my own. Being so young, I was ignorant to how I was supposed to fulfill my goals of becoming a healthier me, so I just piled the junk food down my throat and hoped that one day I 'd wake up twenty pounds lighter with a flatter stomach. Sadly, it 's impossible for such a drastic change to occur over night. It took me nearly two years to pull my head out of my behind and accept that fact and that a healthy body does not come easily, especially not by eating junk food for every meal and running on a maximum of six to seven hours…

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