Who Is The Ethics Free World? Essay

2041 Words Sep 10th, 2016 9 Pages
Interviewee: No, actually I thought the questions were really interesting, so hopefully I can actually have scientific contribute, but most of them obviously, but we’ll have to see. But, no, I think that those are all interesting topics. And, a particular notion, as you mentioned, the first question is the idea that we are moving into this kind of almost like an ethics free world, because we have handed everything over to algorithms that can inherently be trusted for their judgment, that isn’t clouded by partisan, or political interpretations etc.

But in fact, it’s a pretty false assumption that we are entering this totally new whitewashed, almost like [inaudible][00:00:42] world. So, I think, that something that is really quite interesting. You mentioned that even in the question itself, some of the examples of how our news feeds are filtered, or even or Instagram photographs from our own friends, are being prioritized according to way that are opaque to us.

But, I think it is really interesting when you start looking to how those algorithms are creeping into the everyday environment and getting baked in to the structures of building, the way that traffic management systems operate. You could even imagine that some of the focus today is even on how people are aging in our cities and whether or not cities are appropriate of only a particular age group. For example, once you’ve lost the ability to walk around on your own, is the city no longer built to facilitate that kind…

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