Who Is The Brother Of A Friend Of Mine? Essay

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Juan is a 27 year old Hispanic man who is a brother of a friend of mine. Juan currently lives in the city of Los Angeles with his wife and his 5-year-old daughter. Juan has been unemployed for about two years (although he has been working at his father’s body shop on and off for about eight months) due to being hit by a car while coming back from his job. His whole body was injured, and the most severe injury was to his head. It was about that time that his family started noticing mood changes in him. At first his family thought that the reason he no longer wanted to come to family gatherings was because he was still hurting from the accident, so they did not think much of it or question his detachment from them.
Assessment-Diagnoses and Symptoms:
Juan’s current symptoms are delusions of persecution and unwarranted jealousy. According to my friend, she thinks that her brother loses touch with reality because he believes that some of his friends and family members are plotting against him. In addition, Juan also believes that someone is listening to his phone conversation, and for that reason Juan has decided to no longer use his cell phone. Before the accident, Juan was living with his wife and child on his own, but now he moved in to live with his wife’s family, who are providing them with a place to stay since they no longer have Juan’s income. Juan’s mental, emotional, physical, and financial stability have been dwindling due to his lack of permanent…

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