Who Is The Best Way For Your Life? Essay

1848 Words Jun 5th, 2016 null Page
While must people may spend there life looking to make as much money as possible and to have the nicest house and the fastest car, There are some people that go through life searching for fulfillment trying to learn more about themselves and find there purpose in life or a spiritual calling. Which is the best way to live your life some may ask, is it better to live for human made items or is your life supposed to be for you to connect with others around you and find your purpose? If the reason for life is to find your purpose connect with people and to ultimately find happiness how do you do that? While one may suggest that the best way to find this in your life is through travel. Traveling allows a person to understand more about him or her self and also may help you find a spiritual calling in way that will never come chasing human made items. Leaving the comforts of your four walls may cause you to open yourself up new dangerous of the world depending on how you travel. If you decide to set off in the world like Christopher McCandless did in “Into The Wild” you may find yourself in some life or death stations or maybe you decide that traveling like Francine Prose did in “Confessions of a Ritual Tourist” is more of your style you still may find yourself in harmful situations. With every risk comes award with the award being happiest what is the best way to travel like Christopher McCandless did in “Into The Wild” or Francine Prose did in “Confessions of a Ritual…

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