Who Is Selfish In The Great Gatsby

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In society people judge others on appearance before they judge their actions. The beautiful and wealthy Daisy Buchanan is Jay Gatsby’s one true love. Unfortunately when Gatsby was away in the war Daisy didn’t want to wait for him she selfishly married Tom Buchanan. As time went on Tom and Daisy’s marriage wasn’t doing well since both were having affairs behind each other’s back. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”, Daisy is behind the deaths of both Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson. Daisy Buchanan is a self-absorbed, vacuous socialite whose decisions led to the destruction of both Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson.
Daisy is a careless and selfish person who continues to forget her actions have an effect on other people. Daisy led Gatsby
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Gatsby wanted to believe that Daisy had never and never will love Tom as much as she loves him. “It’s a tough choice for Daisy even assuming she really does love Gatsby and does want to be with him because at the end of the day, Daisy is also something of a snob.”(Baker). We know that the feelings of Gatsby for Daisy helped her off the hook the night that Myrtle was hit, but was Daisy feeling the same way Gatsby did? After Gatsby and Tom’s intense argument about Daisy, Gatsby let Daisy drive home that night which became a huge mistake. When Myrtle ran out in front of the car that she believed belonged to Tom, Daisy had lost control. “Anyhow Daisy stepped on it. I tried to make her stop but she couldn’t, and wouldn’t until I pulled on the emergency brake. Then she collapsed into my lap. So I drove on.”(Fitzgerald 151). Clearly Daisy was not capable of driving because she really is an unexperienced driver and was still shaken up over Tom and Gatsby’s argument. “-what If Daisy had never suggested to go into town that fateful day; what if Gatsby had just pulled over the yellow car, hopped into the driver’s seat and explained to the police that Myrtles death was a big accident- one of the most poignant is whether Gatsby and Daisy would have ended up together if class and money had been irrelevant matters.” (Baker). This quote shows how that night could’ve happened if everyone was to do the right thing, if they were to happen Gatsby and Myrtle would’ve still been

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