Essay on Who Is Mercy Escobar?

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“Then suddenly it happened. In a moment, everything was changed…” My grandma’s name was Mercy Escobar she was born in Colombia. She lived most of her life in New Jersey. She would come babysit me on the weekdays. She only spoke Spanish but one of her favorite things to do was to cook, spend time with her grandchildren and travel. She was a teacher back then she liked to sell clothes and jewelry. She had a nickname which was Yaya. I have many memories of my grandma, I loved to watch her cook when I was little I used to help her in the kitchen. I was her favorite grandchild. She always took me out where ever I wanted to go. My grandmother and I shared an interest in traveling and cooking. She would go out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed. I remember when I had sleepovers and went to her house in New Jersey. Her apartment was on the 17th floor the view was fantastic. I had a perfect view of Manhattan. During my sleepover, I would have a chance to spend time with my grandma and grandfather we would watch television and she would do my hair. I loved to go out and do errands with her. My grandma would teach me Spanish. She never got to finish teaching me because she got sick. My grandma was diabetic, she was overweight and had heart problems. Her cause of death was a heart attack. I was supposed to see her the day of her death, I remember her saying not to leave her by herself. And she ended up dying alone with no immediate family members to be at her…

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