Who Is Killing The Castle? Essay

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of him.” She was glad that the night was hiding the tears in her eyes now. “I don’t know why Matt left the way he did, but I do know that he loved you. He was one of my best friends and the time before he left whenever we talked he talked about you.” “It doesn’t matter now. He is gone and isn’t coming back.” “You never know.” “I know. It’s been years and he hasn’t even made an effort to tell me or anyone that he is alive. At least that is what I keep telling myself. … Who is attacking the castle?” “We believe it is Gudenbesh.” The knowing look he gave her told her he knew she was avoiding the Matt issue, but didn’t push it. “Why? We have always been peaceful neighbors.” “Not always, but for your life we have. We aren’t sure why they have chosen to attack now, there really isn’t anything for them to gain.” “Then maybe it isn’t them.” Her eye lids dipped and she tried to force herself to stay awake and continue to take all scenery outside the carriage in, wishing it were not dark. “Maybe. Go to sleep Princess. Nature will still be here when you wake up, we will probably be on the road all tomorrow.” “But I have never been outside the castle,” she responded even as she lay down on the padded bench and closed her eyes. She missed the look of shock on Jeffory’s face at this revelation, he knew that she had not been let out often but he did not know she had never left the castle. ------------------------------------------- “Were her parents jailers as…

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