Who Is Jasmine? By Bharati Mukherjee Essay

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Who is Jasmine?
Bharati Mukherjee narrates Jasmine the main character in her novel, a female protagonist, as an outsider that strive to shape her identity to fit in mainstream of American society on her journey. Fortunately, Jasmine encounter confrontation that shifts her identity in different directions of her life. Instead of rejecting these names that are given to her by various individuals, she seeks to create a harmonious relationship with those identities. Thus, Mukerjee makes this novel worth reading by drawing the audience to realize that each name is a different persona that Jasmine is experiencing and the change of environment to teach Jasmine about who she is as a woman. Finally, Jasmine shows courage to overcome obstacles that life throw at her, as she adapted and embrace her talents and intelligent toward her experience as an illegal immigrant. In the begin of the novel, Jasmine is introduced as students who is focused to her education as she awaits to get married. Also, marriage play a major role in the begin of the novel because its part of the Indian culture for young woman to get married at an early age. Part of her tradition is still common today but not as strict as the past. As an India woman, they are not allowed to focus about completing school however they must find a husband and have children this is what was consider to be successful in their culture. However, Jasmine was special and talented as well that even her brother took interest in her to…

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