The Beatles Influence Essay

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The Beatles were a musical group who originated from England, in the small town of Liverpool. This bands influence has shaped the very world with their experimental music, and inoventatuive album covers. Their musical stylings, influential image, and profound lyrics have touched the hearts and minds of many, many people all over the globe for over 50 years, and will continue to do so for many decades more. The beatles member count consisted of four young blokes by the names of George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, and Ringo Starr. These four young men would one day grow into the role of the giants and revolutionaries of the music world and culture, but they all started off as any other young kid growing up in the early 50s and 60s. …show more content…
Dylan released his influential album, The Freewheelin’ in May of 1963. This album inspired all the Beatles, but especially inspired John Lennon. A little over a year after the album was released, the group got to meet Dylan for the first time. Bob Dylan had an immense impact on the young band, but the most influential thing Bob said to Lennon was, along the lines of, “your songs aren’t saying anything. You’re singing, but you’re not really saying anything.” John Lennon took this comment to heart, and the Beatles next album, Rubber Soul. This album was unique, different, unlike anything the Beatles, (or anyone else for that matter,) had ever created, (Inglis, Ian. "Synergies and Reciprocities: The Dynamics of Musical and Professional Interaction between The.." Popular Music & Society, ).
Once the Beatles release Rubber Soul, the entire course of Rock and Roll was changed. No one had ever heard such unique lyrics, and music stylings before. This album displayed the maturing of the Beatles musical and lyrical styles. Despite their continued success, once the Beatles released the Revolver, album, they announced that they would no longer be touring. As a result, the Beatles continued their work as a studio only band, and Lennon was able to escape into the studio and create music that was no longer realient on being able to be played live at a concert, (Abdo, et al. “Rubber Soul.” The Beatles
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In reality, the band was coming apart. John Lennon was coming apart at the seams, drawing inwardly into his own self. He took LSD a lot, and he felt trapped inside of both his marriage and his own band. A change in Lennon’s personality also helped the fracture of the group. He always seemed upset, or angry and he didn’t hide it from his bandmates, (Roberts, Jeremy. The Beatles : Music Revolutionaries). Another contributing factor to how the band broke up was the sudden death of Brian Epstein from a drug overdose. This unexpected event made the group less stable, as Brian was the one that kept them centered and grounded. After releasing a few more albums, the tension in the band came to a head. The band broke up, and went their separate ways. And so, that was the end of the great band called the Beatles, (Frontani, Michael R. The Beatles : Image and the

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