Who I Am I? Essay

1189 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
I would like to say I have become aware of the person I am. I’ve found that believing in God is not enough and I must be willing to lay down my life for another. Willing to reach out to those who may or may not believe Christian or not. If I’m going to reach anyone else with a different point of view, I must be ready and willing to sacrifice my opinions. Speak the truth about who I am, or who am I?
Rick Wade states learning to think well, or logically is important for Christians for several reasons. “It helps us put together the various pieces of our faith to form a cohesive whole. It helps us make decision in everyday life when the Bible doesn’t speak directly to a particular issue. It helps prevent us for putting together shoddy arguments for what we believe, and it helps us evaluate the beliefs of those who challenge Christianity.
I would like to believe I’m a spirit filled Christian who believes in God with all my heart, mind, and soul and all three interact with God as though we are one. Unfortunately, following God is not an easy task. I’ve come to realized that my day to day life has required me to make adjustments, life altering adjustments at any given moment my walk with the God can change. I find this to be true! I can become an “interchangeable Christian.” I’ve asked myself “does God expect this? Is this acceptable?” Can this be a growing phase in my life? When I realized I’m not any different from the world. Where did my separation…

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