Essay on Who Holds The Clicker?

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Scientific and medical advancements can qualify a scientist to be a good one or a bad one. The power to control one leads to a mindset that can control our brain as well as actions. American psychologist and writer, Lauren Slater asks us to consider how much personal control is required to relieve ourselves from any Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in “Who Holds the Clicker?” She also mentions that a “travelling mindset” is necessary to create a sense of openness and still stay focused on the work to be done. In Slater’s whole work we see that she sometimes goes to good side of science and other times she mentions certain phrases to make us think science as bad. Slater in her work writes about a psychosurgery that resulted positively to the patient Mario Della Grotta. On the contradiction, we see that a person’s view controls the way he wants to view his surroundings in “On Habit” written by a Swiss-British writer, Alain de Botton. Botton says that if the person is fit mentally he will be fit throughout while Slater says that the mindset of the scientist or surgeon depends on the fitness of the patients. By the term “travelling mindset” a person should have a capability to think of multiple ways but, should be also able to focus into what he is doing. Hence, a travelling mindset is a requirement for a good scientist only when it is used till a certain extent otherwise it may result into worsen the lives of the people affected through the research. A surgeon due to his…

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