Essay Who Brett A Suicide Attempt And Domestic Violence Survivor

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You are not alone, only if you want to be! Suicide does not have to be your destiny.

Have you ever felt that you are in a dark circle struggling to survive without any escape? Think again. There is a way out. There will always be a hand willing to pull you out into brightness.
“I became angry from wanting to die, failed attempts, and just being fed up with people,” said Brett A. Scudder a suicide attempt and domestic violence survivor. Scudder explained that one night in particular he was having suicidal thoughts and wanted to end his life; a call for help from a friend that also felt the same way prevented him from doing it. He is an advocate, counselor, mentor, life coach and suicide first aid practitioner, who has many responsibilities. This man is making an impact in the Bronx by sharing suicide awareness, fighting for a change, hoping to find solutions for a healthier Bronx. He struggled with depression, and abuse but found his way out from evil and darkness. Scudder changed his life around and now is giving a little light to others that are in darkness.
Scudder is the president and chairman of the Scudder Intervention Services Foundation and the Suicide Prevention Institute (SISFI). He is in charge of every aspect of this non-profit organization. “Our organization is important because we focus on the humane side of the human been,” he said. The mission of SISFI is to give suicide awareness and support. It educates individuals that are struggling with emotional…

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