Pill Head Analysis

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Memoir: Pill Head
In the following memoir, Pill Head: The Secret Life of a Painkiller Addict by Joshua Lyon, a twenty-seven year old gay journalist with an out-of-control addiction to opioids guiding the reader through his journey as an addict. The story starts with Lyon discussing how his addiction started in high school with drinking, marijuana and other drugs sprinkled in here and there, he discovers pills at eighteen and beings a love affair. While writing this memoir he weaves in stories of friends with painkiller addiction describing their struggle, eventual rehabilitation and progress that seems to be different for each. Lyon discusses the two intimate relationships he has that allow him to feel that trust and closeness he desires only
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The isolation brought on by his addiction is the force behind his final withdraw that shakes him forcing him to finally reach out to his sister who then takes him to the airport and from there he goes to rehab in Minnesota where he gains a deeper understanding of his addiction. And in the final chapter Lyon admits his addiction will never go away, it will always be a part of him. In this memoir he weaves in his broader understanding of his addiction and the mechanics. He also interviews individuals in the medical field, legal system, and law enforcement discussing what is being done to help eliminate the opioid epidemic with laws in place and programs to help those in need with naloxone kits, clean syringe stations and stringent regulations on doctors prescribing opioids just to name a few of the topics discussed. Run-on, …show more content…
Ethical Analysis Under the NASW Code of Ethics (2014), Human Relationships are the foundation in which everything else is built. Lyon wants to be surrounded by the ones he loves but his desire and need for protection keeps him from fully being able to achieve closeness he desires. Lyon has a relationship with his sister Erica that is close but at arm’s length. His father abandoned the family when Lyon was young this is at the core where his fear of being alone began. As social workers we are bound by ethics and our ability to empathize and understand what a person might be feeling or experiencing. We as humans all share one thing in common and that is a foundation this is built over time and an important part of that foundation is the human relationship if it is damaged in anyway it can have an effect on how strong it will be as a person ages and many factors can effect it. As social workers our job is to help people see what a healthy and trusting human relationship looks like. This I feel is something Lyon never received growing

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