Who Am I? By Beverly Daniel Tatum Essay

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Uchechukwu Igwe
Journal 1 The first journal, titled “Who Am I?” by Beverly Daniel Tatum manages to dissect identity and how that affects an individual concerning familial, historical, social, and political agents. The person’s past, present, and future also factor into the individual’s sense of self. Society heavily influences how other view themselves. The characteristics that define who people are physically are what others notice and see them as. Certain aspects of a person’s identity may be skewed due to society Tatum further elaborates about the dominant and subordinate groups. Dominant groups have full reign on the appropriate norms, behaviors, mannerisms, etc. that the subordinate must follow. The subordinate groups are vilified and setup institutional barriers to prevent them from gaining power. The dominant groups are in a somewhat murky bubble as they do not see the history or livelihoods of the subordinate group, but the subordinate groups are knowledgeable about the history and currents events of the dominant groups. The understanding of the subordinate groups is that they do all of this to survive. The dominant groups are often unaware of their influence over the subordinate groups. Tatum ends the discussion by surmising that understanding our individual identities along with others, can unite and free everyone.
The second essay, “The Real problem with Indian Mascots” by Kimberly Roppolo, details reasons why the gimmicky portrayal of American Indians in…

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