White Racism In America

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Our country has a very rich history, or so we are taught. We are taught that english immigrants battled native american savages and the british for their freedom, but what they don’t mention is the fact that the native americans were only protecting their land from invaders. History books tell the story of how wealthy plantation owners helped build our economy. However they don’t mention that our economy was built off the backs of hard working slaves. This is the history of our country and what helped create modern day white supremacy.

White supremacy has been in north america since its “discovery” in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. Once europeans began to invade, the country they would soon call the United States, the native american population
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White privilege helps with white supremacy. It has created a divide among races since the lives and ideas of white people are see as better than any other races ideas. So because of this divide black culture is seen as “ghetto” and “trashy”. Another example of white privilege can be seen the police force and criminal justice system. African americans and white sell illegal drugs at the same rate but african americans are four times more likely to be arrested for the possession of marijuana and ten times more likely to be sent to prison for drug offenses. This shows that whites clearly have an advantage when it comes to confrontation with the criminal justice system and the …show more content…
Many may say that racism is far gone from our country but it 's everywhere, from college students singing racial slurs to african american students, to whites requesting for a white history month. Racism has rooted itself in this country and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. We treat racism like it 's a sensitive topic that should rarely be addressed whenever it appears and attempt to pass it off as nothing else. If this continues to go on we will more than likely be seeing more people like Dylann Roof, appearing in the news for a short time for his actions then forgotten like what he did was nothing.

However there are many who think white privilege is just a myth. That those who are white are treated on an equal platform as those who are not white. White privilege is a construct created by those who want to feel oppressed, so they may have something to fight about. The percentage of poor whites are ignored by the “oppressed” which shows that they are only attacking the rich whites. This however this not true, african americans are assisted by the whites who live in lower income households. They understand the fight against those who are white and privileged because they are fighting it

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