White Privilege And Black Privilege Essay

767 Words Feb 9th, 2016 4 Pages
I do believe there is such a thing as white privilege. As a caucasian, I may have benefited without realizing it. It may have been by someone who discriminates but did not against me because of the color of my skin and maybe someone else of a different race came up to that same person with the same manners as me, but that person treated them differently. With that being said though, that does not mean it doesn’t go the others ways as well. White people are most certainly not the only ones who can benefit from privilege. For example, I would not consider it “white privilege” when some people are told they are “too pale” or look like a ghost because they are white, you do get bullied and made fun of plenty for being white. I think instead of looking at the privilege of different races we should be looking at the problems of gender. As a female in the United States, whether black or white according to statistics, men are making 21% more money per year. In Ohio for a female the average pay is $37,140 and for a male it is $47,737. The difference in pay between the genders is horrendous. Women of races should come together and fight for equality of women, not fight because we have different colored skin!

I do not believe all of the media promotes white privilege or any privilege for that matter. There may be internet pages or blogs from people who promote white privilege but there are also some who promote African American privilege. I do not believe that the news on…

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