White Privilege And A Broke White Person By Gina Crosley Corcoran

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White Advantage In the article “White privilege to a broke white person” by Gina Crosley-Corcoran she argues how being white in society did not make her advantaged in society by stating her own personal experiences. White privilege is recognized amongst white individuals and many have been taught not to recognize it for what it is but not every white person gets the same glamorous lifestyle. Being white is just a color that does not define the future for someone. White privilege is viewed in different perspectives amongst different backgrounds. In this paper I will discuss the differences among white people who have experienced white privilege by analyzing “white privilege to a broke white” and comparing it to other articles that deal with the idea of being privileged in society and how it varies among different circumstances or categories.
In the article “White privilege to a broke white person” by Gina Crosley Corcoran she argues that being white did not make her privileged in this society. Corcoran gives her own reality from the daily life she lives and how being white has treated her. The meaning of being privileged to Corcoran she states “I am privileged as a natural-born white citizen. I’m privileged as a cinder woman. I am privileged as an able-bodied person”. (Corcoran) The color of her skin did not make her any more privileged than any other race she still grew up in poverty and had to earn the things she wanted in life. Being white just made her another…

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