Whistle Blower and the Allegory of the Cave Essay

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The Life of a Whistle Blower Since the 1960s, the public value of whistle blowing has been increasingly recognized. Whistle blowing statutes protect from discharge or discrimination an employee who has initiated an investigation of an employer’s activities or who has otherwise cooperated with a regulatory agency in carrying out an inquiry or the enforcement of regulations. Many states have enacted whistle blower statutes, but these statutes vary widely in coverage. Some statutes apply only to public employees, some apply to both public and private employees, and others apply to public contractors. Under the federal False Claims Act, any person with knowledge of false claims or fraud against the institution may bring a lawsuit in his or …show more content…
Arthur has been representing this pesticide company for over a period of time and has evidence that the company is guilty but does not blow the whistle on them. This can be seen as Arthur being a prisoner inside the cave. He was the law firm’s puppet and had to keep the truth from surfacing during this class action law suit. The law firm can be seen as a puppeteer according to Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave”. When Michael found Arthur, Arthur said, “I’m drenched in afterbirth, I’ve-I’ve breached the chrysalis, I’ve been reborn” (Gilroy). This can be analyzed as Arthur leaving the “cave” and coming back to show the truth about the case. After some time on the surface, however, the freed prisoner would acclimate. And this is exactly what Arthur did when he was at his mental breaking point. He decided to leave the “cave” and be a whistle blower. Arthur wanted to expose the truth of the crimes that the pesticide company has committed. John Kopchinski filed a “qui tam” lawsuit in 2003 against Pfizer’s tactics in selling the pain drug Bextra, sparking federal and state probes that led to an agreement on September 2, 2009, for Pfizer to pay $2.3 billion in civil and criminal penalties and plead guilty to a felony charge for promoting Bextra and twelve other drugs for unapproved uses and doses. In the army, he was told to protect people at all costs but at Pfizer he was expected to increase profits at all costs. Pfizer is seen as the puppeteer forcing its prisoners to

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