Where Shall We Go This Summer Poem Analysis

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“I start writing without having very much of a plot in my mind or on paper- only a very hazy idea of what the pattern on the book is to be. But it seems to work itself out as I go along, quite naturally and inevitably. I prefer the word pattern to plot as it sounds more natural and even better if I dare use it is Hopkin’s word “Inscape”- while plot sounds arbitrary, heavy headed and artificial- all that I wish to avoid. One should have a pattern and then fit each piece in keeping with others and so forming a balanced whole.

Anita Desai has tried to present her themes organically with appropriate adjustments and adaptations in spheres of style and point of view. The result is her comparative superiority over other Indian women novelists
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Where Shall We Go This Summer emphasizes the universal need for human ties with Sita awakening to the fact that even sky and earth try to meet each other near the horizon. Fire on the Mountain conveys the message that running away from the human contacts are one’s kin is not a desirable proposition. Fasting Feasting depicts the strong hold of the parents on their children and how women are shown as less inferior that their male counter-parts. Anita Desai adds a new dimension to English fiction while concentrating as an exploration of his troubled sensibility a typical modern Indian phenomenon. She clearly stands ahead in the group of her contemporary as she introduces a shift ideational focus from the outer to the inner part of human existence. Her novel focusses on the inner climate, the climate of sensibility. Her main concern is to depict the psychic state of the protagonists at some crucial juncture of their lives. To sustain her effort, she has forged a style supple and suggestive enough, to convey the fever and fretfulness to record the Eddie’s and Currants in the stream of consciousness of her characters. The interplay of thoughts and feelings and emotions is reflected in the language, syntax and

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