The Importance Of Love In Where Shall Go This Summer

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The importunities and imperatives upon her with such intensity is that she cannot depict the sweetness and delightfulness of this richest experience of human life. It is the predicament of the modern human situations that has affected the most tender and sweet aspect of this human relationship.
In the novel Where Shall Go This Summer? marital relations as well as abnormal man-woman relationship have been portrayed with a remarkable poignancy. Sita is a married woman and four children, but in very picture of misery and dejection. She feels herself to be a prisoner in a house which offers her nothing but a crust of dull tedium, of hopeless disappointment. Her unhappiness in married life finds expression in feelings of contempt for the friends
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Anita Desai wants to bring home to her reader abnormality about man-woman relationship. How the suppressed sexual desire of an extraordinary man becomes the cause of angularity and abnormality. This can be described as one of the themes of the Where Shall We Go This Summer? .Sita 's sojourn to Manori island has given her a new awareness and a new realization that she must accept the bitter truths of life. Ultimately, Sita learns to cultivate the art of survival. It concludes that the novel dramatizes two kinds of courage, a struggle between the positive ‘No’ and a negative’ Yes’. The novel depicts the triumph of positive values over the negative ones in the victory of courage over escapism and …show more content…
This novel deals with the discord in the family of Raman and Sita because of their failure to adjust themselves .This powerful work of fiction by Anita Desai represents the predicament of a married woman who aspires to triumph over the chaos and suffering of her rather unusual existence. This is a deeply engrossing and disturbing novel with an inner fury which reflects the problems of life in this modern society. The novel which is shorter in size but deeper in meaning is divided into three parts. With her novel Where Shall We Go This Summer (1975) is her fourth novel which portrays the inner and outer world of Sita 's life. This novel said that the story of middle aged Sita. She feels suffocated in her well ordered posh flat in Bombay. She hates her married life so Sita wants to go back to the Manori island. In that place she spent her golden days in the remembrance of past childhood days in her life. The structural pattern of this novel is similar to Virginia Woolf 's To The

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