Where Shall Go This Summer? Marital Relations Essay

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The importunities and imperatives upon her with such intensity is that she cannot depict the sweetness and delightfulness of this richest experience of human life. It is the predicament of the modern human situations that has affected the most tender and sweet aspect of this human relationship.
In the novel Where Shall Go This Summer? marital relations as well as abnormal man-woman relationship have been portrayed with a remarkable poignancy. Sita is a married woman and four children, but in very picture of misery and dejection. She feels herself to be a prisoner in a house which offers her nothing but a crust of dull tedium, of hopeless disappointment. Her unhappiness in married life finds expression in feelings of contempt for the friends and colleagues of her husband. Sita, the mother of four children, is pregnant, but she does not want to give birth to fifth child which is in her womb. That may cause Sita decides to go to Manori island which appears to be a land of magic. After spending quite a few months there, she realizes that her effort to be away from her husband and the other two children, whom she had left with him, is no more than fantasy. When her husband Raman arrives in the island and persuades her to go back with him. Sita agrees to do so and thus she makes a compromise with her situation. It is necessary to refer to the fact, suggestively described in the novel, that Sita 's own attitude to married life must have been warped by the knowledge and experiences…

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