Where Is My Heart? Essay

1246 Words Oct 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Where is my heart? I couldn’t help but feel small while resting in the clouds. Depositing all my trust in the machinery I sat in made my stomach sink, and I couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit nervous. Then it appeared, the country I had no idea I would fall in love with eight days later. Port-au –Prince, Haiti laid directly below me; complete destruction enveloped my vision. Four years earlier, following the earthquake that devastated Haiti, seeing it remain in ruins, made my heart sink. Before I realized it, the plane’s wheels landed on the Haitian soil and we were on our way to meet Ken and Andrea Taylor- a couple that has devoted their lives to assisting the Haitian people with medical help. That same afternoon we bumped our way into the ravine, a portion of Port that was nicknamed “tent city.” Tent City consists of naked children, sick families, and tarps with holes ripped throughout them; each tarp held up by flimsy metal scraps. What my eyes saw, made my heart break into so many pieces. As we walked through the ravine, children surrounded me on every side. Some with crusty noses and others with broken shoes and tattered clothing. Each child carried a smile that could mend a broken soul in a matter of seconds. They’re more broken than I am, how can they live like this? A couple days passed, and I sat in a small tiled room with an examination table and filing cabinets; the medical clinic. Sitting on this examination table was a baby boy and a scene I would…

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