Where Did The Documents Come From? Are These Reliable Sources?

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Question 1: Where did the documents come from? Are these reliable sources? Why or why not?
The community newspaper report and fact sheet are published by Newspapers Canada, an organization that is joint by the Canadian newspaper association and the Canadian community newspapers association (Newspaper Canada, 2016). Two documents are reliable because they present the statistics gathered by the organization and the fact sheet is published based on the observation of the data. The GVRD map and the Metro Vancouver board strategic plan 2015-2018 are retrieved from metrovancouver.org. They are government documents produced by Metro Vancouver, which is a political body entity designated by provincial legislation as one of the regional districts in British Columbia (Metro Vancouver Org, 2010). The article “Black Press, Glacier Media strike deal to swap B.C. community newspaper” about the 2014 deal between the two conglomerates is published by the Globe and Mail (Bradshaw, 2014). The document is reliable because it is produced by notable newspaper company that is nationally distributed in Canada and the author, James Bradshaw, is a media reporter that has extensive knowledge in the field.

Question 2: Explain why you chose to classify each document as either primary or secondary.
The GVRD map is a social document that can be classified as a primary resource because it directly represents the geographic areas of Metro Vancouver divided by the B.C. government. The Metro Vancouver…

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