When The Equality Act 2010 Essay

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Before the Equality Act 2010 things like sexual discrimination or equal pay were covered by different tippers of law as which sex discrimination Act 1975, or equal pay Act1 970; regulated under the EU in 2003 and put in the equality act 2010. (Clements P., Spinks T., 2009, p.193)
Such Act bans unfair treatment and helps to have the right to equal opportunities in the workplace and in wider society. The act also covers nine protected characteristics, which are: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (s4). Reuniting all these characteristics in one Act makes it simpler to understand and to use; if people with these features are suffering from direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and their job fail to make a reasonable adjustment for a disabled; this Act will help to protect their rights or their differences. (Clements P., Spinks T., 2009, p.192)
In 1994 was in place and Act that protected the disabled people called the DDA, Disability Discrimination Act 1994(s6/s16) and they improved to 2004 since then put in the Equality Act 2010. (ibid. p.134) The Act has made it easier for a person to show that they are disabled and be protected for that; the Act establish that
‘’a person is disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities,…

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