What's My Plan After Graduation?

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As I am getting closer to graduation, I was frequently being asked from friends and families “What’s your plan after graduation?”, if I was asked about this question few years ago, I would feel helpless and didn’t have the confidence. Before college, I had no control over my life because I was always hoping that I can follow others. However, four years of undergraduate at UB changed me, I have developed my confidence and independent personality. As now, I am very confident to said that I want to be a systems analyst after graduation, and I will stick to my decision. I was always reluctant to make my own decision, because I wasn’t brave enough to confront the consequences of such decision, as a result, I tend to listen and obey others opinions …show more content…
From someone who was easily influenced by others to someone who can make her own decisions, I acknowledge my mistakes and was willing to change them. After taking the Jung Typology Test twice within one-year gap, my personality type came out to be the same which is ISFJs, I think this really represent who I am. ISFJs are responsible and additional to strength I built in college, I was always a reliable person. I am responsible for all the bad decisions that I have made before and never regret it or blame it on anyone. Many years ago, I used to work at a child day care center during the summer, where I have to help taking care of five-year-old kids, being around children really need to have a lot of responsibilities, my major responsibility is to look after them and making sure they won’t get hurt. From my other previous work experience as an office assistance, I will take all the task that’s given to me seriously and finish them promptly. As I worked there for a few weeks, my boss known me as a reliable person, so he hands me most of the task such as handing me thousand-dollar worth of checks to deposit at the bank. Also asking me to delivered some important paper works to other

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